Quick Guide to Healthy Soft Feet

Hey Brun Lovers!

An often overlooked product at Brun is the Footlogix Foot Foams and I think it may be because the selection of them is rather overwhelming. Also, there’s so much visibly awesome stuff at Brun that they’re easy to overlook. Foot foam, how exciting is that? I’ll tell you, it’s SUPER exciting. So here’s a quick guide to selecting the right foot foam for you and why they’re so awesome.

First of all I’m going to smack you in the face with a bit of science. The reason that you need something specific for your feet is because you have an extra layer within your skin on your palms of your hands and soles of your feet. This is why when you sit in a hot tub for too long your fingers and tootsies look like little raisins. Since you have this extra layer of skin you need something that is going to penetrate that properly, so a regular body lotion will not give you the hydration that you need in these areas. This is why there is hand and foot specific creams!

ALL of the foot foams are multi-faceted. Each foot foam gives a high level of hydration as well as a light to intense amount of exfoliation, depending on the product. Also, because they are in a foam form they aren’t greasy feeling and they soak in quickly so you don’t slip around during the day or feel gross against your bed sheets at night. A small amount goes a very long way, using the nickel sized amount you need you should get 160 applications per bottle.

Onto the products!

The DD Cream is a “daily defense” (hence the DD). This has a very light amount of exfoliation in it with a suitable amount of hydration for anyone with normal to lightly dry feet. This is used as a maintenance product for anyone who wants to continue keeping healthy and happy feet!

The Very Dry Cream is for those with dry feet who need a bit of love. This has a bit more urea in it compared to the DD cream and is therefore more exfoliating but not aggressively. If you have small callouses on your feet this will help to reduce those over time while also helping to fix patches of dry skin. Once your feet are to a happy, healthy point make sure to switch to a DD cream because the higher level of exfoliation may cause peeling if you use it when your feet are to a “normal” state.

The Cracked Heel formula is for those with lots of callous that suffer from cracking in their feet. This has an intense amount of hydration within it to keep skin moisturized and counter the higher levels of exfoliation. Using the cracked heel formula will help to reduce callous, heal your cracks and deeply hydrate your feet. This product shouldn’t be used by anyone with light callous or dry skin. While you would think that putting this on would help your light concerns quicker, it is kind of like trying to cook a chicken breast perfectly at 600 degrees. You think it’ll be done quicker; technically it’ll be cooked but it’s not going to be great. It will cause peeling within the feet if you don’t have those concerns.

The Peeling Feet formula is often confusing for some. Peeling is not the same as dry and flakey, and that is where the confusion sets in. This specific foot foam is for those who suffer from athlete’s foot or similar foot concerns. If your feet feel deeply itchy and peel in the arch or center of your foot this is likely to be the right choice for you. It is deeply hydrating and anti-bacterial to help with fungal and bacterial issues within the skin on the foot.

Lastly we have the foot deodorant and the shoe deodorant. I feel like these are pretty self-explanatory; if your shoes stink or your feet stink this is the best choice for you. Both are a spray, not a foam, and are super easy to use. They don’t just mask the odor, they use anti-microbial and anti-bacterial ingredients to help kill the things that are causing the odor. If you’re finding that your shoes and feet smell, I would recommend choosing the shoe deodorant first and treating your feet before putting your shoes on. If you’re using the foot deodorant and then putting on a stinky shoe you’re not going to get much benefit from your product!

I hope this clarifies the mystery of the foot foams and allows you to make the perfect choice for you! These products are some of the best foot products you can get and you will love the results they give you. Enjoy your happy, healthy, baby-bum-soft feet!



Wylie McCulloughComment